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Mastery Squared has served 100’s of clients–from start ups to Fortune 10’s. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we’ve helped them achieve the transformation they were seeking, and in turn help you solve your greatest business challenges.



I’ve worked with Mastery Squared consultants for over 25 years at companies including Intel, CBRE, Sabre, and Dell.  I count on Mastery Squared to design and deliver provocative, fast-paced learning for executives in a way that builds critical leadership skills and deep self awareness.  Mastery Squared consultants have a motivation and capacity to change difficult behavior patterns.  Their workshops are intense, uncomfortable, challenging and fantastic.  Participant evaluations are consistently exceptional.

      –Vice President, Global Talent Management

I have used Mastery Squared consultants to develop and facilitate a leadership development program for high-potential future leaders at a large consumer products company. Their facilitation skills are world class. Also, their ability to connect with not only the individual, but also the entire group was a pleasure to watch. When a facilitator has the ability to sense when an individual is having a challenging time, and she can see if a group needs a purposeful intervention to get them “un-stuck,” it is magical.  Mastery Squared consultants can reconnect people to the session, or set them up for success as they complete the training.

       The adult learning, human behavior, coaching, and facilitation skills of Mastery Squared consultants are world class. They interact flawlessly with high potential leaders and also the most confident corporate leaders.

      –Global Commercial Learning Leader

The Mastery Squared Financial Management Academy has been the most amazing professional development opportunity I have participated in throughout my higher ed career of over 20 years. In the beginning I was a little skeptical about how much I would get out of it since participants are at all different levels in their careers. During the very intensive and exceptionally engaging first week workshop, we were able to apply and practice much of the learnings in an environment that is similar to that of an MBA program. The connections I’ve made with peers across the university through this program are invaluable. I could write a book about all of the benefits I have found going through this academy and through working with Marybeth. Marybeth brings so much heart to the program and I can confidently say that those that work with Marybeth and in her program are changed!

      –Senior Director for Finance

Marybeth Tahar has made a tremendous positive impact on my career.  More than anyone else, Marybeth has accelerated and shaped my professional growth and leadership journey.  She is a strategic thinker and a brilliant leader.  Incredibly talented and both organizationally and interpersonally savvy, I completely trust Marybeth’s judgement.  Her expertise has guided me through challenging organizational and managerial dynamics, as well as through formative big picture discussions about my career.  Marybeth listens carefully, gets to know you, and is invested in your success.  My question for anyone who is considering working with Marybeth:  Can you afford not to work with her?

      –Institute Director, Higher Education

Mastery Squared exceeded my expectations for impact, customization, quality of content/facilitation and partnership.  Their program is the foundation for our organization’s talent strategy and provided the structure and skills for the high potentials in my organization to stretch into difficult situations, learn important skills and create important relationships and solutions for our customers. The masterful integration of the “hard” (business and financial acumen) and the “soft” (collaboration and customer satisfaction) part of business was exceptional.

      –Senior Associate Vice President of Finance

Mastery Squared consultants are top notch. They have an uncanny ability to combine powerful business insights, conscious leadership, and superb communications skills. This translates into lasting, meaningful relationships with colleagues, business partners, and clients.   

      –CEO, Consulting Firm

We have few opportunities in our hectic existence as executives to reflect on our values, leadership style and behaviors, gain perceptive feedback on our development and engage with executives outside our circle of influence. Mastery squared allowed us to do all of this and also provided the opportunity to test in a risk-free environment of trust through excellent training and coaching. I feel grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to participate.

      –Vice President, Services

Mastery Squared has provided master facilitation, program design consultation and coaching for the development of our world wide high potential talent. They provide learning events that are very sophisticated and a stretch even for our executives.  Consultant  styles are engaging, challenging, yet supportive.  They have  been invaluable, high touch partners in creating high impact solutions, to increase strategic thinking skills, and deepen self- insight to produce ready now leaders within our pipeline. Many alumni of this program are now senior executives, sponsoring and mentoring our next generation leaders. 

      –Senior Director, Corporate Leadership Development


The skills acquired by leaders participating in the program developed and facilitated by Mastery Squared and Insight-Experience were the tools needed to move our business ahead in a very competitive environment.  They customized their content to meet our needs, and their concepts were immediately applicable.  Participants describe their learning experience as interactive, revitalizing, and practical, allowing them to immediately apply the techniques back in the workplace. The facilitation was exceptional.  Workshop leaders provided relevant examples, exercises and constant engagement for mangers, directors and vice presidents alike.

      –Director, Computer and Social Media companies


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