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Drawing on a Board

Breaking individual and systemic

barriers to unleash

leadership consciousness

We offer unique consulting, coaching, and leadership development experiences that harvest

the best practices from business, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence.

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Build the capacity to live and work consciously.



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It always begins with you.


Business Centricity:  Simply put, we get to know you and your business. Whether you hire us to coach your executives, deliver a training program, or provide you with business advisory services, we do it while constantly assessing what’s going on in your world and putting our work and material in the context of your business. Mastery Squared consultants come to the initial meeting with the attitude of “How can I add value immediately in helping them solve their problem?” and not “How can I win the business?” 

Honorable Stewards of Your Resources:   We believe that we share responsibility to be stewards of your business and the investments (people, time, money) you are making to achieve your organization’s goals. Facile and interested in meeting clients where they arewe like to look at the full picture and then determine with you how to best use your resources to leverage the work that needs to be done. We are flexible in terms of who plays various roles in project completion because our goal is to effectively utilize the resources you have and then augment them with ours to drive the results you seek.   

Extraordinary Consultants:  Our consultants integrate their extensive business acumen with strong group facilitation/team building capability, and insightful coaching skills to support your desired organizational and personal transformation. We believe that the complexity of today’s world demands that consultants master each of those domains and Mastery Squared delivers on that promise. We aren’t just neutral facilitators, we are business advisors who can partner with you in making difficult business decisions.

Unlimited Use of Mastery Squared Intellectual Property in Perpetuity: 

We believe that charging for each use of intellectual property is an archaic and vendor centric process that defeats any intention to support organizational transformation.

We want our intellectual property to be used broadly and easily to support the transformation that you seek.   



Hi. I am Marybeth Tahar, founder at Mastery Squared. I’ve spent 30+ years in the Leadership Development and Performance Improvement industry and have learned that leaders are successful when they not only have mastery of their business or their technical trade, but mastery of their Emotional Intelligence as well.  Mastery Squared was founded to help leaders—and the organizations they represent—to excel consciously in both domains.  My focus is to demystify, make practical and integrate best practices from business, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to raise leadership consciousness.

I work with some of the best people in the industry who are able to integrate their extensive business expertise, strong facilitation skills, and empathic coaching as a unique differentiator in our services... let me introduce you to them. 


Mastery Squared has worked with clients in virtually every sector including the following:


Click here to see a partial list of clients

•  Financial Services

•  Telecommunications

•  Hi Tech

•  Real Estate

•  Professional Services

•  Education

•  Healthcare

•  Pharmaceuticals

•  Consumer Products

•  Government

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